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We take pride in recognizing and rewarding dedicated volunteers for their earned achievements. While serving in our association, you can acquire valuable life skills, memorable experiences, and unforgettable adventures that will prove beneficial regardless of your future endeavors. Each certification and level of advancement we offer officially marks your growth as a volunteer first responder.

Reasons to Volunteer with VFANYC

VFANYC is made up of people in the community working and serving together and learning from one another. Our volunteers share common goals and fundamental ideals of protecting the community when emergency services are needed and move together with the same purpose and commitment.

As a member of the VFANYC, you will have limitless opportunities and exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can take training and earn valuable certifications in:

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Benefits For Volunteering

Volunteering helps develop self-confidence, ethics, and leadership skills and provides members the opportunity to achieve an appreciation for service to others in their community.


Becoming a volunteer will allow you to:

Other benefits of being a VFANYC volunteer are