West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department

Howard Beach, NY 11414

BLS EMS | Engine Company

The West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department provides the areas of Howard Beach, Rockwood Park, Hamilton Beach, Jamaica Bay, Ramblersville, Spring Creek, and The Belt Parkway with emergency care since 1928.

Our response area consists of commercial shopping space along cross bay blvd, 2 public schools, 1 catholic school, 2 catholic churches, 1 Lutheran church, 1 synagog, 1 Judea center, the belt parkway from the Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn exit eastbound to approximately 150th Street in Queens in both directions, the Nassau Expressway from approximately 114th street eastbound to North Hangar Road in JFK airport and in the opposite direction westbound, the JFK air train, the MTA “A” train, and JFK Airport for “the crash box” (crash box is called when an inbound plan is having inflight or landing issues).

Memberships We Offer

Services We Offer

We operate as a Engine company primarily but it’s more of an enhanced engine as we do have the capabilities of acting as a truck company carrying portable ladders hooks hurst tools for MVA’s and so on We have 3 classes of membership Class A – Fire Fighter, Carrier*, Dispatcher Class F – Carrier*, dispatcher Class G- Dispatcher *Carrier would be a third person non-EMT but CPR & first aid certified To receive NYS EMT training Must be a minimum Of a class F member

Why Our Department

“We can provide you with the time, the training, the tools, the guidance, the support, and the environment you need to succeed in but you have to bring the heart and dedication we can not provide you that”

The department is 100% volunteer not one member is financially compensated in anyway. Our members dedicate their time between their careers and family To come and provide these detrimental services to our community.

The Men and women that currently make up the department come from all over the city queens, Brooklyn, Staten island, Manhattan, and the Bronx. We are dispatched to about 300-350 Medicals calls annually and over 600 fire calls annually.

Benefits Include:

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