The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1922 when Gerrittsen Beach was a small, predominately summer community. In 1921 a damaging fire on Abbey Court showed the community that the city’s regular fire apparatus could not reach the beach in time to extinguish the fire. A mass meeting was called by the residents, which resulted in the organization of the only volunteer fire department in Brooklyn.

The volunteers (affectionately known as the Vollies or, in earlier days, the Vamps) are ever on the alert for the fire horn. When it blows, they drop everything and rush to the firehouse, where the call may be for a deadly fire, a drowning, or a medical emergency. Before the city added water mains to Gerrittsen Beach streets, the Volunteers had to handle fires at least three times a week.

In 1974, the Vollies were approved by the New York State Department of Health as an Emergency Services Training Center. The department trained thousands of people from other agencies as emergency medical technicians and certified first responders, as well as untold numbers of people in CPR, first aid, and babysitting safety. Today the department operates 2 BLS Ambulances, 1 Engine Company, and 1 Brush Fire Unit to protect the Gerrittsen Beach community.

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Gerrittsen Beach VFD operates 2 BLS Ambulances, 1 Engine Company, Speciality Brush Fire Units & Off Road Rescue Units to protect the Gerrittsen Beach Community.

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“The department is flexible – Many of our projects are ongoing and require no commitment; simply volunteer as much as you can.”

The Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department is actively seeking local and resident firefighters, emergency medical technicians & administrative members. All members are trained to be fully certified NYS Firefighter 1 or NYS EMT-B.

Volunteering is a great way to gain leadership experience and the ability to perform under pressure. In addition, members gain bonds with each other that will last a lifetime. Members receive an NYS tax deduction and are covered by the department and workers’ compensation insurance. Members receive a free annual medical examination.

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