Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department

Breezy Point, NY 11697

Engine Company | Rescue Squad / Heavy Rescue | Truck Company | Water Rescue Team | Technical Rescue Team | HazMat Team

Point Breeze organized in 1910, is part of the Breezy Point Cooperative a four-square-mile private beachfront community. When the department was established the nearest career firehouse was over five miles away. Today, Engine 329 is three miles away.

Today, the department’s 75 members respond to 125 incidents, 9,000 full-time residents living in 3,000 dwellings. The summer influx brings in approximately 3,000 additional residents.

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A small volunteer fire department within New York City. Many of our members go on to become city firemen or other city servants (NYPD, sanitation, and EMS).
Point Breeze VFD apparatus poking out of the station

Why Our Department

“We are here to help you and your dreams at the same time we are helping a community with normal Emergencies.”

The department is 100% volunteer, and not one member is financially compensated in any way. Our members dedicate their time between their careers and family To come and provide these detrimental services to our community.

Benefits Include:

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Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department